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When you call Crain Lewis Brogdon, LLP, for a free consultation about your DWI charges, we will make it clear that you do not need to hire an attorney. The law says that you can represent yourself. However, we will also make it very clear why hiring an experienced lawyer gives you the best opportunity to get the best possible outcome for your case—whether or not you hire us.

Our Dallas DWI attorneys provide aggressive legal defense for a wide-range of charges, including:

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ALR Hearings

DWI defense isn't just about a courtroom trial. It is also about saving your driver's license at the ALR hearing. An experienced lawyer knows the ropes down at the Department of Motor Vehicles. Our firm will make sure that you present the clearest and strongest possible case in front of your hearing officer. We understand how to investigate your charges and use every detail in support of your case.

We will challenge whether there was probable cause for making the stop, the police actions during the field sobriety test, and call into question the validity of the breathalyzer and blood test evidence. By doing so, we are often able to help you keep your license, pending the outcome of the criminal trial.

We avoid the common mistake that many people make when they simply cooperate and expect the DMV to be nice. In the event of a driver's license suspension from your ALR hearing, our Dallas DWI lawyers can help you get an occupational driver's license so you can get to work.

Criminal Trial

The second part of every DWI case is the criminal proceeding. The penalties for DWI are more severe and long-lasting than many people realize. Even a conviction for a first offense can cost you thousands of dollars in fines and many months without your driver's license.

We use our experience to fight for a dismissal or a reduction of charges in order to minimize the consequences to you. Our objective is always to keep you out of jail and minimize the length of time you will be without a driver's license. We know how to find every possible flaw in the prosecutor's case.

The facts of your case, as well as your personal story, may be important factors leading to having your charges dismissed. DWI isn't just about whether or not you were over the legal limit. It is often about how the judge perceives you. Your background, your family needs, and your future all must be taken into account, and we know how to weave them all together for an effective defense.

Most important, we know how to protect your rights at every step of the procedure. From the police actions during the initial stop to the final outcome of the case, we have the experience to jump on every opportunity to fight for a dismissal or reduction in charges.

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Make no mistake. Hiring an experienced Dallas DWI attorney is your best bet for fighting your DWI charges. Call our firm for counsel.

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