What Does it Mean to Be Charged with Drug-Related Conspiracy?

The Meaning of “Conspiracy” in Criminal Drug Cases

If you are being charged with a drug crime, you may also be facing charges of conspiracy. The term “conspiracy” refers more to criminal intent than it does to actual commission of a crime, and the prosecutor assigned to your case will be tasked with proving that you intended to commit the drug crime with which you are being charged, even if you did not actually do so.

Charges of conspiracy are typically corroborated through the following:

  • Evidence of your agreement with at least one other person regarding the commission of a crime
  • Evidence that you participated in a plot to commit a crime, even if you did not participate in the actual criminal act
  • Evidence that the person or people with whom you conspired either committed or intended to commit a crime

There are a variety of possible defenses when seeking to effectively counter conspiracy charges. However, you will not be able to refute criminal accusations on your own, and not just any lawyer can help you get out of a tight spot. It takes a highly skilled, experienced criminal defense attorney to help you achieve reduced penalties, charge dismissal, and (quite frankly) any other positive outcome in court—and we can help.

Drug Crime Attorneys Serving Dallas

At Crain Lewis Brogdon, LLP, we serve people facing conspiracy drug charges. We are well acquainted with drug crime laws in the state of Texas and we have the skill necessary to craft and present a strong case on your behalf. If you are facing conspiracy drug charges, be advised that members of law enforcement are already building their case against you and there is no time to waste. When you call us for help, we will evaluate your case for free and begin investigating your case as soon as possible in order to increase your chances of achieving a positive outcome.

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