Entrapment Explained

What to Do When Police Cause You to Commit a Crime

People accused of crimes often defend themselves by exclaiming, “They made me do it!” But what happens when this is true? What can you do if a member of law enforcement influenced you to commit a crime? In such cases, you may offer entrapment as a defense.

What Is Entrapment?

Entrapment occurs when members of law enforcement put unreasonable pressure on someone to commit a crime. You may be a victim of entrapment if you committed a crime that you otherwise would not have due to aggressive, threatening, or harassing behavior.

This is often used as a defense when it comes to drug crimes, internet sex crimes, larceny, and other criminal activity that calls for undercover police work (though members of law enforcement could illegally coerce you to commit any sort of crime).

You may still be wondering what counts as entrapment and whether police unlawfully influenced you to commit the crime(s) of which you are being accused. In order to prevent unfair punishment and avoid paying the price for something you did not do, you must seek legal representation as soon as possible.

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Entrapment Is Illegal, but Providing Opportunity Is Not

You may not use entrapment as a defense if law enforcement merely gave you an opportunity to commit a crime. Seeing as chances to commit crimes present themselves even without police involvement, the average, law-abiding citizen is expected to withstand reasonable pressure to do wrong. If you are unsure whether the actions of law enforcement were unlawfully forceful or coercive, you must speak with a criminal defense attorney immediately in order to protect yourself and fight for your future.

Tough Criminal Defense Lawyers Serving Dallas for 20+ Years

Our team at Crain Lewis Brogdon, LLP knows how to spot entrapment and protect you from paying the price for inappropriate police behavior. As an American citizen, you have certain rights and protections, even if you are under investigation or interacting with an undercover cop. We are prepared to defend your rights and ensure your well-being is not sacrificed for the sake of making an arrest.

Connect with one of our Dallas criminal defense attorneys right away if you believe you or someone you loved was arrested due to a crime committed under unfair pressure from law enforcement.

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