What to Do If You Suspect Nursing Home Negligence

Nursing homes are supposed to be an environment where residents can feel safe, comfortable, and secure. However, the issue of nursing home negligence is beginning to gain more attention throughout the United States. Nursing home negligence happens when residents are not given the care or attention that they need by nursing home staff.

In general, nursing homes can be understaffed and the employees who work at these facilities can sometimes be undertrained and underpaid. Conditions like these often contribute to unsafe practices which can result in resident care being neglected. Nursing home negligence is a serious offense and when staff at these facilities fail in their duties, the person who is being neglected can experience significant physical and psychological damage. Below, we explain what you should do if you suspect or witness nursing home negligence.

Document the Violations You Observe

If you suspect that a nursing home is negligent with the care they provide, immediately speak with residents and ask about other negligent actions or situations that they might have observed. Residents can be very aware of the kinds of negligent actions that commonly occur throughout the facility. Sadly, residents often know that they have been neglected but are reluctant to report it. This reluctance is sometimes caused by fear or abuse from the staff, while other times it can be caused by a misplaced sense of loyalty.

Once you have identified the negligent actions taking place in the nursing home, immediately speak with the home’s supervisor about what you have observed and been told by other residents. Make sure to take note of how they handle your complaint and follow up to see if they remedy the situation. Always document any conversations you have with the nursing home about your complaint. If you feel that the level of negligence will put the lives of residents in danger, you should immediately call the police.  

Hire an Attorney

Employees who work in nursing homes are legally obligated to care for their residents and are required to report any abuse or negligence that they witness. Administrators, supervisors, licensed staff, care custodians, and employees of adult protective services can all be held liable for negligent acts that take place in a nursing home. When negligent practices continue after you have reported them, you should consult with an attorney to discuss what legal actions can be taken against the nursing home and staff.

Do you suspect that nursing home negligence has occurred? Contact our Dallas team of nursing home negligence attorneys to schedule a free case consultation today.


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