Can I Get a DWI for Driving While Taking a Prescription Drug?

DWI & Prescription Drugs

If you’ve ever seen a commercial for a prescription medication, you’ve likely chuckled to yourself at the long list of potential (and, let’s face it, scary) side effects rattled off by the narrator.

Taking prescription drugs and strong over-the-counter treatments generally comes at a price, but many people fail to consider that their medication may inhibit their ability to responsibility operate a motor vehicle. (This may be the case regardless of whether there are driving-specific warnings attached to the drug.) As a result, many medicated Texas drivers have been surprised to receive charges of DWI, despite there being no alcohol involved and regardless of whether they are taking prescription or over-the-counter drugs as prescribed.

In Texas, police have the right to pull you over, arrest you, and charge you with DWI if they believe prescription or over-the-counter drugs are impairing your ability to drive safely. This can lead to unfair charges and cause you to suffer the consequences of misdemeanor or felony DWI. However, having a skilled criminal defense attorney on your side can help you ensure a more positive outcome and make sure you are treated fairly during your brush with the Texas criminal justice system.

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