False Accusations of Statutory Rape: What Should You Do?

statutory rapeWhen a couple engages in sexual intercourse and one partner is under the age of consent, this is considered statutory rape. In Texas, the age of consent is 17-years-old. In the eyes of the law, an individual under the age of 17 does not have the capacity to consent to sex. If the other partner is also underage, or if there is no more than a 3-year difference, statutory rape may not apply.

Texas takes the charge of statutory rape seriously and penalties are often severe, including jail time, steep fines and, in some cases, sex offender registration.

Falsely Accused of Statutory Rape in Texas?

Accusations of statutory rape can be filed by someone other than the alleged victim. In fact, they are often made by parents who might disapprove of their teenager’s association with someone who is older, even if they are not engaging in any sex acts. These false charges are often used as a tool to exact a form of punishment on an innocent person.

Given the weight of such a charge, it is crucial for those are falsely accused to immediately seek the representation of a skilled criminal defense lawyer who has extensive experience in this area.

Dallas Statutory Rape Defense Attorneys

Cases involving statutory rape charges often stem from complicated emotional situations. At Crain Lewis Brogdon, LLP, we fight for the rights of individuals, not case files. We will stand by you and ensure that you do not face false sex crime allegations without a powerful and trusted advocate at your side. Regardless of the circumstances you are facing, we know you are not a sex offender. You deserve to have your story heard.

Contact our firm today at (214) 301-5007 to schedule a free consultation with our experienced Dallas statutory rape attorneys.

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