Texas DPS Out for DWI Arrests this Spring Break

Enforcement Runs March 8 - March 17

Mark your calendars.

Spring Break, as far as Texas cops are concerned, is March 8 through March 17. That's when the Texas Department of Public Safety and other agencies will be out in bigger numbers looking for drunk drivers.

Last year they nabbed more than 1,000 people for DWI, and 1,266 arrests the year before that, according to KVUE News, so there's no reason to think this year will be any different. The fact is that people make mistakes.

But it's not just those who've been accused of drunk driving.

Cops make mistakes, too, and it's a good bet that some of the drivers arrested during last year's Spring Break enforcement period were arrested when they shouldn't have been.

Pulled Over?

Regarding this year's Spring Break law enforcement effort, KVUE News quotes DPS Director Steven McCraw:

"Getting impaired drivers off the roads during Spring Break is a major priority for the department, and we also urge the public to make responsible decisions, such as designating a non-drinking driver or finding alternative transportation if they are impaired."

But just because you've been stopped for DWI doesn't mean you're guilty.

Cops generally need a good enough reason under the law to pull you over (unless you've been snagged in a DWI checkpoint, but Texas doesn't have sobriety checkpoints, at least not yet).

Consequences of DWI

Getting arrested for DWI starts a chain of events that could begin with a possible night in jail (or longer) and end in a misdemeanor or felony conviction.

There's a full range of consequences for a DWI arrest in Texas, even for misdemeanors, including fines, higher insurance premiums, and a criminal record.

When it comes to felonies like repeat DWI, you're likely to be required to install and maintain the ignition interlock device, which prevents your car from starting if you've got alcohol in your system. And a conviction for intoxication manslaughter could mean years behind bars.

Have Fun on Spring Break, But Be Safe

It's easier to avoid a DWI in the first place by making the best decisions you can. But that's easier said than done, especially during Spring Break.

If you make a mistake during Spring Break 2013 - or, worse yet, the cops pull you over when they shouldn't have - find the right Texas DWI lawyer to defend you. Even a first-offense DWI can take a heavy toll on your life. Do what you can to protect yourself against drunk driving charges.


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