Will Texas Decriminalize Marijuana In 2015?

Rodger Jones with the Dallas Morning News writes that 2015 might be the year that Republicans and Democrats work together to accomplish positive changes in Texas law regarding drug offenses.

To be specific, Jones appears to have a (justifiable) problem with how Texas punishes the possession of "microscopic bits" of cannabis - at a time when other states like Washington and Colorado have outright legalized it for recreational use.

Jones would like to see Texas step back from that type of punishment, which only stuffs the prisons full of "drug offenders" who shouldn't be called "offenders" in the first place.

If the nationwide trend toward allowing the use of marijuana for medical use is any indication (18 states and D.C. at the moment), as well as an explicit push for one marijuana entrepreneur to build the "Starbucks of marijuana" (just Google the name of ex-Microsoft employee Jamen Shively to find out more on that), it stands to reason that at least some lawmakers in Texas would like to follow suit.

And there are.

Jones says there are 17 lawmakers, a mix of Democrats and Republicans, who voted against criminalizing Salvia divinorum, a psychoactive plant, in recent legislation. It could be these same lawmakers who persuade others to join the movement in easing punishment of Texans when it comes to marijuana possession in 2015.

Source: Texas drug sentencing laws - the next frontier?


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