Speeding Almond Rancher Avoids DWI Charge With Good Excuse

Excuses, excuses. Excuses usually don't work with cops, especially if the cops suspect you've been drinking and driving. But one man's excuse worked. George Warren with ABC 10 reports that the 57-year-old almond rancher was driving his friend to the hospital when he was pulled over.

The officer saw the almond rancher blow two stop lights and hit speeds double the limit, which obviously got the officer's attention, and while it was fairly clear to the officer that the rancher had been drinking, the rancher's excuse for getting behind the wheel and tearing down the road was that his friend was sick and needed emergency medical treatment.

True story - which meant that the prosecutor decided not to charge him.

The rancher's defense attorney said:

"Police, district attorneys, judges - they're given the power to enforce the law, but some discretion should be used. This case is a clear example..."

Source: Modesto man says sick friend led him to drive drunk


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