What Not To Do When Stopped For DWI: Spray Cologne In Your Mouth

When stopped for a suspected DWI offense, Texas drivers can do a number of things to position themselves for an effective defense case. Spraying cologne in the mouth to try to disguise the smell of alcohol is not one of them. Rather than trying to conceal any indicators of alcohol after a police traffic stop, drivers might be better off cooperating with officers, limiting responses, and avoiding impaired movements.

Over the weekend, a DWI suspect did the exact opposite. The driver collided with a parked dump truck at around 8:30 p.m. As the trucker walked to meet the other driver to exchange vehicle information, he saw the driver do something unusual. The driver sprayed cologne in his mouth.

When police officers responded to the crash, they saw the driver spraying cologne on his clothes as well. Unsurprisingly, the cologne tricks did not work. The police still reported that the driver's breath smelled of alcohol and the driver now faces DWI charges.

After a traffic stop, it may be more effective to carefully cooperate with the police, answer questions briefly but truthfully, and to control physical movements that could support impressions of intoxication.

Everything that happens at the initial traffic stop can wind up being relevant to the rest of a DWI prosecution. An aggressive defense strategy can still be effective, however, and defendants should contact an experienced Texas DWI attorney.

Source: Boston Globe, "Suspected drunk driver in Boston sprays cologne in his mouth after hitting dump truck, police say," Jaclyn Reiss, Sept. 30, 2012


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