Designated Driver Services Readily Available to NFL Players

Braylon Edwards, a wide receiver for the New York Jets, was recently charged with driving while intoxicated (DWI) in New York City. According to police reports, Edwards was pulled over by a squad car on the West Side of Manhattan at nearly 5 a.m. A breath test subsequently revealed his blood alcohol content (BAC) to be twice the legal limit.

Edwards is just the latest in a string of National Football League (NFL) players to be arrested for DWI over the past several years. Some of the more notable names include Donte Stallworth (wide receiver, Baltimore Ravens), Fili Moala (defensive tackle, Indianapolis Colts) and Joey Porter (linebacker, Arizona Cardinals). 

What do all these players have in common?

They did not take advantage of designated driver programs offered by the NFL and/or their own teams. Today's post will briefly explore these designated driver programs.

At least 22 of the NFL's 32 teams (including the Dallas Cowboys and Houston Texans) offer designated driver services to their players. In addition, the NFL Players Association (NFLPA) offers designated driver services in every NFL city.

These designated driver programs are usually available around-the-clock, emphasize confidentiality and cost the players little (or sometimes no) money. 

For example, the Houston Texans run a designated driver program through Red Carpet, a local transportation company. Since the players or team personnel are responsible for making their own travel arrangements through Red Carpet, the team has no idea who uses the service.

A letter to all employees of the Houston Texans, including players, states the following:

"Use of Red Carpet is voluntary, but we encourage you to use this service or some alternate means of transportation should you find yourself in an impaired situation. Your safety and the safety of others are critical." 

Therefore, all NFL players always have at least one option to help them avoid drunk driving

Please remember, if you are arrested for DWI and are thinking about trying to save money by using a public defender or handling the matter yourself, you may want to reconsider. An experienced DWI defense attorney will know the best way to handle your ALR hearing to protect your driver's license, as well as the strategies that the police and prosecutors are likely to use in their case. By having your own attorney at your side throughout the process, you will be protected from saying or doing anything that will be used against you in court.

Today's post was for informational purposes only and not to be construed as legal advice.

Stay tuned for more from our Dallas criminal defense blog ... 

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